Shuttle Bus Purchase: The Grand-Mothership (Sneak Peek)
Published March 11, 2018

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In July of 2017, Cece and I made a quick and possibly rash decision: a shuttle bus purchase. We had been exploring the idea of tiny home living for about a year, but never imagined that it would approach us so soon.

Our new home was a 1982 Chevy shuttle bus that had been used for a baseball team in years’ past. It was old and dirty, with all the original components (seats, doors, sunflower seeds, and junior mints).

At first, we were going to do a simple conversion into a home, but it turned into a far more involved and long process than we had originally expected–and much to our satisfaction!

Thus begins the story of our bus: the Grand-Mothership! We plan on detailing our conversion on this blog to inspire you to take a step in minimal-impact living and give some tips along the way.

shuttle bus drive home shuttle bus portrait shuttle bus purchase first photo

Here are some photos of the day we purchased her. She cost $2800 and made the 100 mile journey home without injury. We began work the next day!

shuttle bus seats removed

Here are the seats torn out. More detail on that later! It took about 5 hours of pain removing the rusty bolts under the summer heat.

shuttle bus purchase front

Flash forward: here we are today! We have been living full time in the Grand-Mothership for several months. We are excited to show you photos of the process and reveal the completed interior (which, in my point of view, will never be “complete” because I enjoy remodeling so much). Stay tuned!

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As always, BE WELL!
Cece & Riley


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