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Hey, welcome to Living Tiny!

I’m glad you made it here! My name is Riley. This blog has taken many twists and turns in the past 3 years, including a full wipeout that erased years and years of writing and work.

It’s been my goal in 2020 to bring this blog back to life, so here I am! Living Tiny was originally a blog to inspire people to live more minimally and intentionally. My girlfriend at the time and I cataloged our minimalistic life in our 1982 Chevy shuttle bus conversion, bring our readers tips on how to downsize and declutter, build a tiny living space of there own, and overall lead a more fulfilling life.

This rendition of Living Tiny will be slightly different, but maintain the same core ideas.


Are you ready to live tiny?

After converting my 1995 Chevy van into my full-time living space, I decided to revitalize Living Tiny to help you convert a van too!

On this website, you will find everything you need to know about converting a van and beginning vanlife. From finding your first vehicle, to demolition, to construction, I am here to help teach you what I learned after doing several conversions myself.

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