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Hi everyone! Cece here. This is day (9) of the 31 Days of Minimalism Challenge.

If you missed yesterday’s post, you can find it here: Minimalist Living Space.

While Riley writes most of the articles on our blog, today it is my turn! In this article, I will cover my views on minimalist cosmetics & toiletries.

Minimalist Cosmetics

When Do You Feel Most Beautiful?

When I feel most beautiful and content, it is when I am fully recharged, have a belly full of beautiful fruits and vegetables, and am surrounded by other people who treat themselves, their bodies, and our world with respect and care. I flaunt my hairy armpits to our society’s ideals about how I am supposed to look and what I am supposed to consume.

You might be surprised with how much time and energy one saves after foregoing complex shower, hair and makeup routines.

Take a moment to calculate how much time you currently spend in the shower, bath, and in front of a mirror:

  • One hour per day?
  • Two hours?
  • How much of that time is spent stressing over a series of blackheads you can’t disguise, or your cowlick that won’t quit?

The time adds up, taking time away from insert mindful activity here. The energy drain caused by too much microscopic mirror time wears down our optimistic inner voice.

Instead of covering up every little pimple, accept that your skin is trying to communicate with you. Listen to your body, research the items that you are purchasing, and spend time doing things that make you feel truly beautiful.

Minimalist Cosmetics & Toiletries Considerations

1. Evaluating Your Cosmetic Consumption

While makeup and long, luxurious bathing can at times be calming, fun, or a self-pampering activity. But we must constantly evaluate our reasons for each layer of foundation, eyebrow pencil sculpting, tri-colored eye shadow shading, eyelash extensions, and hair spraying and spritzing.

2. The Necessity of our Habits

In a culture where we are taught to seek material, superficial fulfillment, we have to constantly approach our consumption with clarity of mind and awareness of intent.

Below are questions that I ask myself whenever I re-evaluate items I use and whenever I bring a new item into my life:

Are these products good for my physical, emotional, and mental health?

  • Am I covering up blemishes because I am afraid of baring my whole self to others?
  • Am I using these products to decide my self worth?

Does the consumption of these products injure others?

  • How are these products impacting the environment?
  • What is the cost beyond the price tag?
  • Does the company use animals to test a product’s effects, or manufacture their products in unethical labor environments?

One’s lifestyle is an individual process that can have many community consequences, positive or negative. As a minimalist and vegan, I strive to find behaviors and routines that benefit my holistic wellbeing and the wellbeing of all other lives.

By constantly questioning and reflecting on my consumption, I slowly make my way closer to self understanding and insert something prolific about community identity here.

3. My Minimalist Toiletry Bag

After a year of reducing my cosmetic consumption and researching company ethics, here are the items that make up my minimalist toiletry bag:



Not only has reducing my toiletries opened up space in our home, but it has simplified my hygiene routine, and helped me be more authentic in my presentation. Less chemicals and synthetic products in my life has improved my skin health. I am no longer dependent on makeup to feel confident and radiant; I am as I am.

These items are aligned with who I am as a human, animal and Earth rights advocate. I am reassured knowing that the products I use daily are made ethically and as sustainably as possible.

*Note: While we do link the products as affiliates, it does not necessarily mean you should buy them. We simply do this so you can see what we own and use. If you do happen to need some of these (key word need), feel free to purchase–we won’t turn down the affiliate commission. We believe in everything we link regarding their purpose and quality and would never link to sh**y products. But remember, you do not need to purchase anything to become minimalist. We are not in this for the money. Thanks!

How To Start

If you have already begun the process of minimizing, you will understand that it is a constant, sometimes uncomfortable but very rewarding process. The following three suggestions work across all facets of minimizing and downsizing.

1. Set a clear intention behind every behavior

You might find that certain parts of your routine do not have any apparent value. Somehow they snuck into your routine but fail to serve you or your community.

Gently and lovingly remove those behaviors from your daily life, allowing space or replacing them with meditation, journaling, yoga, or other mindful routines.

2. Ask questions, do research and hold yourself accountable

You might find that certain items you consume are not aligned with your self and community ideals and wellbeing. Gently and lovingly remove those products from your toiletry bag or find new alternatives that are aligned with your values.

3. Look inside yourself

We are constantly surrounded by opinions and lists: Formulas for weight loss, ways to become more beautiful and attain sexual prowess, what to wear in the fall, winter, spring, and summer. It is easier to read someone’s prescription than travel deeply within oneself searching for understanding.

Easier is not always better.

You are whole, you are enough, and you have the wisdom of insert something very meaningful here.

Be well, friends!



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