Living Tiny: Inspirations to Live Alternatively
Published April 5, 2018

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Hello everyone! Today we thought we would give some inspiration to those of you wanting to “tiny” yourself. ūüôā That is, wanting to live in a bus, van, tiny house, or other alternative living space.

Many people often ask us “how do you start!?”, to which we simply say “you just do!” Truly, the most difficult part of such a massive lifestyle change is beginning.¬†Everything after that falls perfectly in place.

We were in your shoes about a year ago: nervous, afraid, and anxious about every possible bad thing that could happen. It was out of this that we experienced the most growth.

If you are interested in a school bus conversion, we recommend checking out our bus conversion page here.
If you are interested in a tiny house build, we highly recommend Bob Smith’s book:¬†“How to Build Your Own Tiny House on a Budget”

Here are 5 reasons why should start living and thinking “tiny” TODAY to inspire you to take the big (or tiny) leap that will change your life forever.

Inspirations to Live Alternatively


1. Right now is all there is

If you’ve been dreaming of either tiny-home living, bus life, or van life, chances are you have been having trouble taking the steps to make your dream happen. Perhaps you don’t have the money, time, ambition, or support to begin such a large project.

While there are many true factors that delay or prevent us from taking actions in life, the truth to these delays usually comes down to being scared. People are constantly making excuses as a way to prevent the possibility of failure in the future. This causes them to remain stuck and frustrated.

We want to remind everyone that new beginnings happen¬†every second. The second you decide to follow your dream is the second that it happens. People don’t change their lives over the course of years, but rather in the course of seconds. It takes one single thought or event to change your life forever.

Remember that the present moment is all that exists. No past or future. Understanding that, why not start now? Purchase a bus or van. Make a design plan for a tiny-house. Get rid of your useless sh**. Start saving money. Start watching DIY videos. Start shaping your life around your dream.

If you continue to put your dream off for the “future”, it will never happen. You have to start sometime. We say¬†start today.

2. It will push you to get sh** done

With such a large project, you will be forced to make goals and deadlines for yourself. Many people tend to procrastinate in life, work, and other commitments. And while you can find many articles on the internet raving about the “benefits” of procrastination, they are not true.¬†Sorry!

Procrastination is the failure to commit or enjoy the work you are doing. If you procrastinate, maybe you should question your lifestyle.

Everything you do, everyday, should fill you with excitement and joy. You should not feel the need to put things off as a way of avoiding them. Remember that this is YOUR life: why not make it great?

With a bus, van, or tiny-home project, you will have fun. If you enjoy working with your hands, problem solving, creating puzzles for yourself, and seeing the direct benefits of your work: THIS IS FOR YOU.

You will not feel the need to procrastinate–you will¬†want¬†to do the work.

There is something very special and rewarding about working on a project yourself and seeing the physical progress. What you put in is what you get out! If you are converting a bus into a new full-time home, you will find so much motivation to make it your own. You will also find motivation in your daily life to truly find and do what you love and make it work for your lifestyle.

3. You will grow quickly

There is a huge learning period when you start this journey. It starts with gathering every bit of information about your bus, van, or tiny house project (e.g. engine, electrical, plumbing, woodworking, welding, etc.). You then move into the DIY phase, where you put the information to use.

After that comes the problem solving. Oh the horror!!

Being able to adapt to your environment and make necessary changes in your home is difficult at first but gets much easier the more it is done. You learn to not freak out about the mess and chaos of nothing working and find ways to quickly solve problems.

Honey, is our urine drain leaking again!?

4. It is an investment and you will save

When you purchase a bus or van and convert it, you are increasing the value (as long as you keep the engine and body maintained). Even then, regardless of price, you are learning new skills which ultimately increase your worth and love for yourself.

By renovating a vehicle and creating a home, you exponentially increase the market for resell too. People are always looking for nicer “campers” and conversions that they can travel in. Just check out craigslist, it is cluttered with people wanting converted vans and busses!

Not only do you increase the value, but you also stop paying for extremely expensive rent. If you plan to travel, your rent will be gas. If you park in someone’s yard or driveway, your rent will be cheap.

This lifestyle is definitely a no-brainer for those wanting to downsize to save. Check out our bus conversion breakdown of costs here.

5. You minimize your environmental impact

There are many ways you can minimize your environmental impact by downsizing and living tiny. Here are a few:

  1. Less space to heat/cool
  2. Less lighting/electricity needed
  3. Less ground broken for new building construction
  4. Easier to move during environmental disaster
  5. Utilization of reused building materials for conversion/build

Want to know the best way to minimize your environmental impact? Go vegan! Check out our post on why outdoor enthusiasts should go vegan here.

There you have it! As always, let us know what you think in the comments below. Also, we love suggestions for blog posts/direction. If you have any ideas or would like to collaborate or guest post, feel free to email us at

As always, BE¬†WELL! ūüôā
Riley & Cece


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