Bus-Life: How we knew it would work!
Published May 13, 2018

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Last June I moved back to Montana for the summer after finishing my sophomore year in college. I had very loose plans on the type of work I would be doing, and where I would be living. After a full year of sharing a household with seven amazing friends in the city, I was nervous to transition to being on my own in rural Montana.

Fast forward one month: Riley is living out of the back of his grandpa’s old truck and working at a fly fishing lodge in the middle of nowhere. My Toyota 4Runner is acting as my home, with plenty of room for my cello, and barely enough for my sleeping bag. We drove all summer, parking on dirt roads and pitching our tent near lakes and rivers. It was a summer of incredible sunrises and camp kitchens- simple peace and quiet.

scapegoat wilderness hiking

When we were in town we found ourselves perusing craigslist in search for a van to convert and call home. Living out of our cars was an incredible exercise of living small, and the freedom of being able to just drive into nature at any moment was empowering. We wanted to live together in Portland, and wanted to challenge ourselves to live with less in order to live more. We knew it might not work. We realize that there is no way to guarantee happiness in the future; the best we can do is to love one another deeply in the present and communicate, communicate, communicate!

We found the bus for sale outside of Helena, Montana. It was quirky, awkward and colorful. Before we had any time to talk about what owning, converting, maintaining, driving, plumbing, and living in a bus might look like for us, Riley was shaking the hand of a man named Mike. Sometimes the universe decides things for you. We’d bought a bus.

A friend recently asked me, How did you know living in a converted bus was right for you?”. To answer your question, dear friend, we didn’t know! We went into this journey after extensively Youtubing tiny homes and lifestyle since we began dating. We found a mutual desire and interest in getting rid of material sh** weighing us down.

Perhaps what made our adventure so wholesome and ultimately successful is that we did not have expectations of what our life would look like living in a bus. We just went with the flows and turbulence, enjoying one another and the freedom brought to us through our new lifestyle.

the grand-mothership

As always, BE WELL! 🙂
Riley & Cece


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