Considerations Before Living Tiny With Your Partner (4 THINGS)
Published May 17, 2018

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Hey friends! Are you thinking about moving into a tiny space with your sweetie? If so, there are some things that should be talked about first!

No, silly, not THE TALK.

Today we are going to give you 4 considerations before living tiny with your partner! This what we talked about before beginning full-time bus-life together, and they should be taken seriously!

Living in a tiny space with another person can be very stressful sometimes. Luckily, the pros outweigh the cons! Nonetheless, it will be difficult and annoying at times.

SO, consider these 4 things if you are thinking about going “tiny” with a loved one.

4 Considerations Before Living Tiny With a Partner

1. Is this something you are both invested in?

From the top, the commitment to transition into a tiny living space requires both parties to be equally invested.

Minimizing your wardrobe or kitchen is something you can do independently, but deciding to move into a bus, van, tiny home, or other little space with someone else requires a mutual decision and desire!

Living tiny is a constant process. Downsizing, renovating, reorganizing, and cleaning are all part of the process. Additionally, the initial financial cost of converting or building a home can be stressful.

Each of you should want to invest and spend money on your home!
Say goodbye to out-to-dinner!

2. It will change you, your lifestyle, and your relationship.

We are a very impressionable species. Environmental changes affect our mood, desire, drive, and joy.

Think back on a moment when you were exceptionally calm, comfortable, and safe. Now think of a moment when you were uncomfortable, scared, and tense. Where were you in these two very different moments? Who was there? How did they treat you and how did you respond to their energy?

Space affects us and the way we interact with other people in that space.

Having a growth mindset has helped us overcome many of the difficult moments that we have had in the bus. In more accessible language, this is the idea of “I’m not there yet.

shuttle bus conversion portrait

There will always be more opportunities to be patient with your partner, to surprise them by doing the dishes or making dinner. It is okay to take time to transition, and to give yourself, partner, and relationship, quiet time to process.

Sometimes we aren’t ready to get rid of that tie-dye shirt from high school, or that card so-and-so sent you when you were little. If we allow ourselves and our partners as much emotional space as needed, we can ease the uncertainties of change, and help one another feel supported and respected.

3. It requires flexibility and fluidity!

Living in a small space requires constant accommodation and compromise. If I need to practice my cello at home, I end up taking up the whole kitchen and couch!

Considerations Before Going Tiny with a partner

Riley has to accommodate my use of space, and respect my need to focus. Other times Riley will want to work on an interior project, requiring me to go for a bike ride or put my yoga mat outside so that he can have room to think and work efficiently.

Learning how to move around someone in a tiny home is often quite hilarious. 🙂 

4. Be prepared to get close and personal all the time.

Yes, I’m talking about poop. And pee, and burping, slurping, sighing…

Fact is, when you are five feet away from your love at all times, the two of you will experience all the blooping and shooting that many individuals choose to keep to themselves.

In our journey, this has become a source of affirmation and intimacy. Knowing how someone’s body cycles through food, how someone is physically feeling, and having a kind word from a friend accompany a delightful toot is often very hilarious.

I have a new appreciation and understanding of Riley’s body because we share such a small space. And I feel more comfortable with my own bodily functions.

Do you think living tiny is for you?

If these considerations resonate with you and your partner, perhaps it’s time to get started on your dream life! Check out these posts for further inspiration.

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Until next time, BE WELL! 🙂
Cece & Riley

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