Tuesday, December 10, 2019

School Bus Conversion Posts

Skoolie Conversion Tools: What You Will Need

These are the necessary tools you will need to convert a school bus or shuttle bus into a tiny home, even with little to no carpentry experience!

School Bus Conversion Kitchen

In this post we go over our school bus conversion kitchen, such as building materials, appliances, plumbing, and photos. It is cheap and easy to build a nice looking minimalistic kitchen in a shuttle bus conversion with reused building materials and some creativity!

Skoolie Electrical: Our Simple Setup Having NO electrical experience

When Cece and I were first beginning our shuttle bus conversion, I was constantly asking "how the heck are we going to figure out school bus conversion electrical with no actual electrical experience?" Luckily, we discovered this quick and easy way to get it done with no experience required.

Skoolie Wood Stove: How We Heat Our Bus + Review

When we decided that burning wood would be the best way to heat our bus, we had so many questions! In this article, we go over our skoolie wood stove installation, the pros/cons, and a review of our Cubic Grizzly Mini Wood Stove.