5 Surprising Things Living Full-Time in a Bus
Published March 13, 2018

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We often get asked what it is like living in a tiny shuttle bus and what is difficult about the lifestyle. THIS QUESTION IS SO DIFFICULT TO ANSWER! For one, we are alive and well 🙂 No, we are not homeless. No, we are not dirty, No, we are not hippies (Well…maybe we are??). Anyway, we thought it would be fun to outline what our daily life looks like inside the tiny space and how it has changed from past house/apartment living. Here are 5 things that changed for us after converting and moving into a shuttle bus full time. As always, leave us a comment below and let us know what you think!

1. It Gets Messy Quickly

Before moving into the Grand Mothership, we were excited about decluttering, having less things, staying more organized, and being SUPER RAD MINIMALIST HIPSTERS (jk). But surprisingly this was not the case. Even though we have minimized our kitchenware, closet, books, decorations, and even blankets, things still seem to get cluttered. Since the space is so small (<100sq. ft.), a single green grape on the counter can make it look messy. Many people say, “Wow! You are minimalist? It must be nice not having to clean.” WRONG! While nearly everything we own has a purpose and place, it is still in close quarters. We have learned to accept this and understand that cleaning must be looked at differently than in a conventional house. Cleaning in the bus is a fluid process that must always happen, otherwise it gets out of hand easily.

It’s difficult keeping the tiny space clean!


2. It Feels Like Home

We were worried at first that living in a bus would feel like, well, living in a vehicle. But after several weeks, we hardly notice/remember that there is an engine and gasoline beneath us. Since we are stationary in Portland and rarely move, our bus is more like a tiny home than a vehicle. When we think of home, we think of the bus. The bus is now our comfort zone. It is where we spend our down time and where we sleep, cook, read, work, and relax. It is our own. Our precious.

3. We Adapt Easily

While traveling in foreign countries or moving for school, we adapt quickly and easily. This was the same when we moved in the bus. No longer does the space feel small or crazy. It is what it is and that is all that matters. We find it incredible how easily humans can adapt to their surrounding. It is a humbling experience knowing and understanding that you are part of such a large evolutionary trait. Changing our surroundings and adding new challenges keeps us on our feet and reminds us that we are still connected to this planet.

4. People Call Us Hippies

This perhaps wasn’t so surprising, but it definitely feels weird when you know that people are saying in their heads: “You live in a bus? Damn hippies!” Regardless of this, IT DOESN’T MATTER! Cece and I are very clean. We shower every day. We make our home look nice. We do not do drugs, etc. etc. blah blah. It has been a great way to grow in learning how to not care what other people think. If you ever want practice learning how to love yourself fully, tell people you live in a bus. It is a great character builder! 🙂

5. Normal Sized Houses Seem Outrageous and Inefficient

It’s true. We often see other people’s houses and apartments and say “WOW, what a waste of space!” We are not saying that the typical American house is wrong, but it is definitely a bit outrageous. I remember recalling that 20% of a house is used 80% of the time, while 80% of a house is used 20% of the time. THIS IS CRAZY! It is a wonderful way for people to convince themselves that they need more things to fill the empty spaces. “Honey, I think we need a dresser in that corner too!” All in all, we encourage you to think about using your space and things efficiently and getting rid of everything else.

We talk more about minimalism here and tiny living here. Enjoy!

That’s all for now! Have a great day 🙂 



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