Beginner’s Guide to Minimalism
Published April 8, 2018

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Hello everyone! Riley & Cece here.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the large amount of things accumulating in your closet?
Worried about moving and having to deal with all that stuff in your garage?
Don’t know what to wear today because you have 200 SHIRTS to choose from?

For many of us, these questions often evoke a nightmare, one which is very real. But this is the reality for so many people in America and around the world. Capitalism and marketing have led our society to this:

The idea that success and happiness come from the size of your house and the quantity of belongings.

And while there are people suffering everyday from not having enough, us consumers still find reason to buy more things, and hold onto them for longer.

We say ENOUGH! Not only does the accumulation of pointless things make your house harder to clean, cementing you in life, but it is greedy and unnecessary when our financial resources could be going to a much better cause.

Whether your better cause is savings, charity, or travel, we can assure you that there is more to life than buying things.[convertkit form=5216415]



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