31 Days of Minimalism
Published June 18, 2018

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Hi everyone! For the month of July, we will be hosting 31 Days of Minimalism, a challenge to help people downsize their possessions and embrace a more minimalist lifestyle.

31 Days of Minimalism

As many of you know, Cece and I began our minimalist lifestyle about 1.5 years ago, leading to so many amazing opportunities: traveling, building a tiny-home, saving money, and feeling free.

We want others to feel free from their stuff, too, and get back to the important things in life. But downsizing is very difficult, and can often lead to more stress, anxiety, and emotions.

That’s why we created 31 Days of Minimalism. We want to offer our perspective on minimalism, hopefully giving you the means to create your own minimalist recipe.

31 Days of Minimalism Schedule (will update with links)

  1. What is Minimalism?
  2. Reasons to Embrace Minimalism
  3. Personal Minimalist Recipe + FREE PLANNER
  4. Downsizing Techniques, Tips, & Tricks
  5. Minimalist Wardrobe
  6. Minimalist Bedroom
  7. Minimalist Kitchen
  8. Minimalist Living Space
  9. Minimalist Cosmetics/Toiletries
  10. Minimalist Storage
  11. Sentimental Items
  12. Becoming Digitally Minimal
  13. Borrowing From Others
  14. Spreading Minimalism
  15. Stress Less
  16. Spend Less
  17. Waste Less (Environment)
  18. Creating a GREAT Morning Routine
  19. Intentional Living
  20. Escaping the Rat Race
  21. Simplifying Relationships
  22. Taking Out Your Mental Garbage
  23. Saying Yes/Saying No
  24. Becoming Aware of Energy
  25. Minimalism & Nature
  26. Minimalist Travel
  27. Minimalism & Hobbies
  28. Minimalist Diet
  29. Living Tiny (& How to Start!
  30. (Will Add Topic Somewhere)

This challenge is for anyone wanting to feel fresh!

Whether you are already a minimalist or wanting to find more simplicity in life, you will find value in this content.

Cece and I will be following along too and posting our downsizing progress on Instagram, @livingtiny.co.

31 Days of Minimalism will come in the form of blog posts, meaning it will be available forever. If you are busy this July and need to wait for cooler weather to start downsizing (we completely understand), the content will still be there to pick up later.

We really hope you follow along! As always, if you have any suggestions or really want us to talk about a specific topic, let us know!

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Minimalist Tip of the Week:

If something takes less than 1 minute to clean up, DO IT RIGHT AWAY! Otherwise, you will have a BUNCH of one-minute clean-ups in a few days. 

As always, BE WELL!
Riley & Cece


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