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Riley Slayden

Hi! I’m Riley Slayden.

Several years ago, I set out on a journey to minimize and simplify my lifestyle. Soon after, I purchased a 1982 Chevy Shuttle Bus and converted it into a tiny home with my then girlfriend. That is when I started Living Tiny. 


Living Tiny is a resource for anyone wanting to build out a school bus or van into their full-time living quarters. We focus on DIY projects that are affordable and that anyone can learn. We also feature other people living tiny! 


While I no longer own the original ’82 bus, I converted a 1995 Chevy Van and have been living in it full time since. So regardless of where you are at in your tiny journey, I hope you find some useful information here.

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Build a Van

Resources for your van or school bus conversion, from start to finish.

Living Tiny

Tips on how to live tiny, including articles on minimalism, downsizing, and decluttering. 


In 2019, we lost everything from this website after forgetting to renew our hosting. As such, it’s been quite the process trying to track everything down and get links working again! We apologize that most of our posts are currently missing images and potentially links…we are working on it. Thanks for your patience as we bring this blog back to life!

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