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Living Tiny is a blog to inspire minimalism, outdoor recreation, and alternative living for all people. We offer free resources, articles, and ideas to help you start living an alternative lifestyle.

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I am glad to be a part of the Nature Love project. All the campaigns are so helpful to others and the environment!

Tod Winfred

As a teacher, I made it a life goal to help people see the importance of a healthy environment and wildlife!

Adele Francis

Being senior citizen, I found a great way of making a difference. I am especially passionate about reforesting!

Garret Maurice

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Minimalist Cosmetics & Toiletries

While Riley writes most of the articles on our blog, today it is my turn! In this article, I will cover my views on minimalist cosmetics & toiletries.

Minimalist Living Space: Valuing Lifestyle Over Things

People often arrange their homes to showcase their belongings (TV, anyone?) Rather, we propose a minimalist living space that values people over things.

Minimalist Kitchen: Making it more functional with LESS

In this article, we talk about making your kitchen more functional through minimalism. A minimalist kitchen is a great way to live a healthier lifestyle.

Minimalist Bedroom (VIDEO): 31 Days of Minimalism Day 6

Welcome back, everyone! This is day 6 of the 31 Days of Minimalism Challenge. If you missed yesterday's post about keeping a minimalist wardrobe, you...

Minimalist Wardrobe Tips: What to Keep (or not)

The wardrobe is often the most cluttered and disorganized part of the house. In this article, we help you create your own minimalist wardrobe by downsizing!

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